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It was worse than we thought: How the FBI coordinated the crackdown on the Occupy Movement

12/30/12  In this article, Naomi Wolf indicates who was really calling the shots: the "too-big-to-fail banks" who stole trillions of our tax dollars. The organizers were in more danger than they realized. They could have been assassinated by sniper fire. It was a miracle no one died. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

The following are a summary of blog entries I placed on the Liberty & Justice 1640 website concerning the Sandy Hook school shootings from December 2012 to February 2013
Feb. 15, 2013

There's been some fascinating information circulating in parts of the Sandy Hook investigation community over the past few days. Remember those reports persisting for many hours on 12/14 that the shooter is the son of a kindergarten teacher at the school? It may turn out to be more truthful than we've been led to believe. It defies some conventional wisdom, but the earliest reports in the unfolding of a crisis are usually the most accurate, not the latter ones that have been "corrected."


At this point in time, I think we need to ingest some humor into a mass murder mystery...

872 YEO (the Sandy Hook Truth Song)
[A parody of Tommy Tutone's "867-5309"]

Chrissy, Chrissy who can I turn to?
For the price of a grand I can always buy smack from you.
872 YEO
872 YEO

What was your car doin' in
Sandy Hook that Friday morn'?
Did you really shoot that green car?
872 YEO
872 YEO

I got it! I got it!
Your plate is on the radio
We gotta getaway
Getaway, GO!

(Ahh... that's as far as I got.)

Establishment rag Salon's attempt to debunk debunkers

1/19/13 On January 16th, Salon Magazine published a largely pathetic attempt to debunk "Sandy Hook Truthers" in an article entitled, "Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook conspiracy theory." Well, it was hardly comprehensive, and it predictably stuck to issues that still have at least some wiggle room for debate. It didn't surprise me, however, that Salon completely ignored three issues that they are not going to touch with a ten foot pole. They are issues I have mentioned in my two previous blogs on Sandy Hook, and they are as follows:

1) The total lack of any video footage released to the public from the school's new, state of the art surveillance system. Had the disgustingly corrupt state of Connecticut been honest and smart, and not regard its adult citizens as little children incapable of handling the images, it would have released the entire school footage, regardless of its complexity. Even if it involved more than sixty cameras and microphones recording every second of activity, they should have released it all WITHIN HOURS of the attack. In the Brazil school shooting of 2011, local authorities released the surveillance videos. Have you stumbled over any Brazil School Shooting "Truther" blogs or YouTube videos lately? It is now far too late for Connecticut authorities to correct this mistake. In a little more than a month's time, with today's technology, that footage could have undergone so many edits and CGI effect add ons ("officially" or unofficially) that none of us will ever know for sure if it is still original.

2) The prohibition on the families from directly identifying the bodies. This is unprecedented. When Lauren Rousseau's family asked to see her remains for positive identification, they were denied. Instead, they were presented with pictures. This can only mean one of two things: A) Evidence of fraud or a coverup, especially in this era of Photoshop, B) Evidence of a nanny state that doesn't regard adult men and women as true adults capable of handling the hard core realities of life and death. This was a blatant and likely illegal attempt to deny the families a TRUE sense of closure through a positive eye witness identification of the bodies.

3) State Troopers being assigned to supposedly "protect" each of the victim's families around the clock until the "official" report is released by the Connecticut State Police. This is actually a two way street that also prevents the families from speaking to the press, which amounts to a gag order. This is also highly unusual.

The article concludes by basically insulting the intelligence of researchers. It reminds us that different people handle grief in different ways, and no one in mourning is in tears all the time because the human system can't endure such intensity. Gosh Salon, you don't say! I've been to plenty of wakes, funerals, and associated family gatherings since I was 8 years old. Did people laugh and tell funny stories, sometimes about the deceased? Of course they did. But there is one thing I've noticed over the years: the younger the deceased person was, and the more sudden or violent their death, the more laughter and smiles were at a premium, regardless of the range of personalities in attendance. I've also been to a couple of wakes where the deceased died suddenly, in the prime of life, and family members couldn't stop weeping the whole time.

Look, I know that stretch of western Connecticut from Danbury to Southbury is a haven for theatrical types. But when a father of a six year old girl, who was just brutally and mercilessly murdered hours before, appears before international TV cameras like a 1960's disc jockey entering a TV game show set - then realizes he's supposed to be "mourning" and does 20 seconds of deep breathing to get into character - I think at least 90 percent of the public would agree that's WAY over the top. When something is that inappropriate, how can it not breed suspicion?

As for the interview with the Soto family, the fact remains that they were communicating in subtle and not so subtle ways that they were taking part in something that, at least on a subconscious level, they truly detested. To put it bluntly, they were pissed! Yet, they continued to play along with the script. How I wish one of them would have spilled the beans and blurted out what was bothering them, right there on live television, letting the chips fall where they may. But because they didn't, I could not feel a connection with them like I could with Russ Hannoman and Nancy Lanza's other friends. Sorry, Salon Magazine. Body language says it all and body language doesn't lie.

So go ahead, folks. Keep those "Sandy Hook Truth" blogs, websites, and YouTube videos coming. At the rate things are going, there will probably be more "Sandy Hook Truth" pages on the internet in six months than 9/11 Truth pages. And it's all brought to you by the massive corruption, incompetence, and total lack of honesty on the part of federal officials and the State of Connecticut. A mentally retarded greyhound could run that state and this crisis with more competence, ethics, and transparency than the likes of Lt. Paul "Mis-information-will-be-prosecuted" Vance, Medical Examiner Wayne "Kids-Stuff" Carver, and Governor Dannel "Don't-label-GMO's-in-my-state" Malloy. In spite of their complaints, I am pleased these low lifes are now reaping so abundantly the exact measure of what they have sown.

Adam Lanza was a vegan... and what body language reveals

1/18/13 Over the past month, I must have spent over 100 hours and searched over a thousand web pages trying to glean every drop of information and insight into the Sandy Hook shootings that I can find. It continues to be an obsession, often at the expense of important day to day matters, and I know I'm hardly alone in that. However, it was not until several days ago that I stumbled across information indicating that accused shooter Adam Lanza was a practicing vegan. The ultimate source of this information is Russell Hannoman, one of Nancy Lanza's closest friends and the only known friend who has both met Adam (on several occasions) and has spoken to the media (on at least two occasions). In an interview with WPIX 11 News, Russ Hannoman states that the Adam Lanza he knew deplored violence and adopted an organic, vegan lifestyle because he didn't want to contribute to animal suffering:

[WPIX video no longer found. Sorry.]

As a vegan myself, and understanding from the inside how a vegan views the initiation of force, either against other humans or an animal, it opens up a plethora of additional inconsistencies and likely cover ups in what has emerged as the "official" Sandy Hook story.

My evolution to veganism was a long one that lasted around ten years and my motivation for that journey was entirely selfish: I wanted the best possible health, skin, and energy. I didn't want to become another heart disease statistic as I got older with a pot belly and a fading mind. I had also come to what should have been an obvious realization that cow's milk was designed to nurse young calves into becoming big cows or bulls, not to nourish adult humans. The fact that there were no maggot attracting bones and gristle to dispose of after dinner, and that no animals were killed or exploited were huge pluses but were not the prime motivators of my evolution. Only later on did I understand the philosophical implications of what I had adopted. And my entire journey did not begin until around age 38.

Yet, here was young Adam Lanza, probably in his teens at the time, cutting right to the chase by mentioning that he had become an organic vegan because he did not want to exploit animals. The juvenile butt heads who follow Howard Stern (the same type of people who likely motivated Nancy Lanza to pull her son out of school in favor of home instruction) have looked at this with pointed fingers and exclaimed, "See, these faggy assed vegans will flip over backwards to save some animal but have no problem mass murdering their own species." Such an assumption misses the entire point. If we have a problem initiating violence against even a small animal, how much more conflicted will we be to initiate violence against a member of our own species? We vegans want an end to ALL violence, and the best, most personal, most intimate way to start is to get violence off our plates.

Adam Lanza's veganism is one of many aspects of this case that is going to cause BIG problems for the intelligence agencies, the FBI, the Connecticut State Police, the corporate media, and any clandestine "secret society" that is planning to cram some whitewashed "official story" down our throats. It's right up there with the fact that not a single frame of surveillance video of the attack has been released, in spite of the recent installation of a state of the art system at Sandy Hook Elementary.

[Do you remember the Brazilian school shooting back in April 2011? It took place in a dirt poor suburb of Rio de Janeiro at a school with a third rate video surveillance system (probably black and white only). Still, it caught everything. And since Brazilian authorities had no problem releasing the footage to the public, it is now all over the internet. Hmm... That's funny. The last time I checked, Newtown, Connecticut is in Fairfield County, the 44th richest county in the first nation of the first world. Yet, no video. And nobody was allowed to identify actual bodies either. Nevertheless, they complain about "conspiracy theorists!"]

No vegan in his natural state of mind - even one addled by autism or Aspergers and taunted for his condition by former classmates - is going to spent his entire day locked up in a basement playing violent video games. Nor is he going to aspire to join the military (apparently so he can kill without the legal ramifications), or create a web page honoring Satan, or attempt to buy guns illegally, or plot a mass shooting at his former grade school. It is simply preposterous.

In light of the discovery of Adam Lanza's veganism, and taken in context of everything else I have studied about this tragedy over the past several weeks, I can only come to two possible conclusions about Adam's role in the attack:

1) Adam was an innocent patsy who was taken hostage from his home by a small group of highly trained assassins. They first murdered his mother, smashed his computer hard drives, dressed him in SWAT gear, and drove him to the school. They then broke into the building and proceeded with the executions. When it looked like police were about to arrive, they murdered the young man with gun shots to his skull and left the weapons near his body to make it appear like a mass shooting/suicide.

2) In the weeks preceding the attack, Adam was given a cocktail of powerful psychotropic drugs that drastically altered his personality, deteriorated his state of mind, and made him vulnerable to powerful, evil people. Due to his condition, they saw an opportunity to mold the perfect Manchurian candidate. In spite of being a lightweight, he carried out the executions as a pure zombie, bearing the heavy weight of his weapons arsenal and its fire power on shear adrenalin. When confronted with the prospects of a gun fight with police, reality hit and he committed suicide.

I can't think of any viable possibility that doesn't roughly resemble these two scenarios. And with either one, you can't escape the prospect that other individuals had to have been involved. Evidence at the school that morning supports this, including the "off duty SWAT officer" chased into the woods and handcuffed by local police, the two shadows that teachers reported seeing move across the parking lot, and the dark colored van with the blown rear window and a passenger dressed up to look like a nun.

I realize that my conclusions ultimately stem from the testimony of Russ Hannoman. Why do I think Russ's testimony is credible, even though some of it contradicts the testimony of others who have also known Adam Lanza? The answer, in short, is body language.

In the video above, when speaking about Adam's non-violent nature, Russ's voice is slightly shaky. He then appears to have a spontaneous recollection of Adam's veganism, which only serves to reinforce his point. The recollection causes his voice to become even a bit more shaky. This is a man who is truly in shock. He is composed enough to carry on an intelligent, coherent interview. But there is evidence on his face that he has been crying in his private moments over the loss of his beloved friend and her son, and is trying to come to grips with the contrast between his memories of that son and the massive damage he may have caused. This is unmistakably someone who is experiencing genuine grief. It is something you cannot fake.

Below is the first appearance we saw of Russ Hannoman, along with three other friends of Nancy Lanza, on the Today Show the Monday morning after the shooting. The segment begins with interviews from a few of Nancy's friends at the bar she frequented, followed by a segment filmed outdoors where Russ appears with three of Nancy's other friends:
After you view this clip in its entirety, go back and pause it around the beginning of the segment with Russ Hannoman, at approximately the 7:40 mark. Take a good look at all four of Nancy Lanza's friends in this scene. Notice the amazing uniformity in their facial expressions and demeanor. It is one of shock, horror, and grief. If some one gave me this picture a week before the shooting, never having seen it before or knowing what is was about, then I was asked to verbalize what their facial expressions were saying, I would respond that something truly horrible had just occurred and they were all trying to come to terms with it. THESE PEOPLE ARE GENUINE. The same goes for the workers and management filmed inside the bar. These individuals are grieving the loss of their friend as well as the entire scope of the tragedy, and everything they exude is communicating that.

Now, by contrast, let me show you something that upon close examination, is rather disturbing. Here is a clip of the Soto family being interviewed by Piers Morgan, apparently at the Firehouse on the evening after the attack:
I don't wish to appear disrespectful of the Soto family, but I find this clip difficult and tedious to watch. There is an emotional wall between myself and them, and this is a sign that something is not on the level. Their answers and descriptions are stereotypical, generic, and unconvincing. There is no uniformity whatsoever in their facial expressions and demeanor. Various family members get fidgety and smirk at different times. At one point, the father almost seems to be thinking, "I can't wait for this to be over so we can collect our money and get out of here."

Here is a paraphrase from the description of this video, as written by the original YouTube poster, which I think says it best:

First of all, pay attention to the way Vicki's family is reacting in this interview, especially her father. But also notice the playful smirks and body language from her brother and sister around the 20 second and 31 second mark. The body language of the youngest sister and brother are not even of a person that just lost a sister. And notice the constant blink rate of all the family members. (Lots of blinking means lies.) Now, concerning the father, anyone can tell that this man doesn't want to be a part of this video. His body language is negative throughout the entire interview. How could a father be so disgruntled and annoyed from questions asked about his daughter (Vicki Soto), who apparently died in a violent attack just hours before? Notice at the 2:30 mark when Piers asks about the green ribbons and the father instantly looks like its all a bunch of made up bologna. He even drops his head, looks down, and constantly blinks over and over to make things worse. At the 2:40 mark, when Piers mentions that the snow was a sign from their sister, notice the father smirk. It was as if he was thinking, "Really Piers, you couldn't come up with any better scripted bologna than that?" This alleged  "father" doesn't even look like he belongs with this family.

Now I know what some people might be thinking. "Oh, come on! They are displaying typical New England reserve. And teenagers do get fidgety." Well, New England "reserve" is one thing. Smirks, rapid blinking, and outright disgust is something else. Russ Hannoman, in my opinion, also displayed typical New England reserve. But underpinning it was total sincerity and genuine grief. And I don't see any of that coming from this family. All I hear are scripted lines.

When I first began my research into the entire Sandy Hook tragedy, I was very hard on the Lanzas. But as the weeks have passed, I am increasingly believing that they are, by far, the biggest victims. This study further supports that view. As for anything beyond that, I don't know what to assume at this point, or whether it is safe to draw any conclusions. But for scores of reasons, something is very, very wrong with the nature of this entire event. And I fear that the combination of a tightly controlled media, the erosion of the Bill of Rights, the decimation of the middle class, and a general public that shuns curiosity and lets personal political ideology do their thinking for them, the story of what really occurred on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut will never be widely known or accepted.

Two weeks after Sandy Hook there are more contradictions and inconsistencies than answers.

12/28/12  As a native of Connecticut who attended the next grade school due east of Sandy Hook Elementary, in the town of Oxford, the Newtown school shootings of December 14th have been an inescapable aspect of life since the day they occurred. My closest connection to any of the victims is through my nephew. His current boss was the husband of Anne Marie Murphy, the special education teacher who was gunned down trying to protect her students. A connection like that, I suppose, is typical of most people with ties to the area.

I have spend many hours on line studying practically every conceivable aspect of this tragedy, and I have to say, I have never in my life seen a story with more contradictions, inconsistencies, changes in the sequence, mysterious parallel events, and odd behavior than this one. After 9/11, that is certainly saying something. First we were told that Nancy Lanza was a kindergarten teacher who was gunned down by her son Ryan (not Adam) in her classroom before he went on a killing spree. Then we were told she was murdered at home while still in bed, was never on the school staff, and ended up homeschooling Adam due to disagreements with the school district over how to handle him.

We were told that Adam Lanza drove his mother's car to the school. But the car turned out to be registered to Christopher Rodia, a petty criminal from Norwalk with close ties to two other petty criminal families in that area, one of which has been involved in gun running. We were told that Nancy Lanza was a "prepper" and "survivalist" who owned a huge cache of legally registered guns and ammunition. But her closest friends say that although she did own guns and brought her two sons to the firing range when they were teens, it was hardly the main focus of her life. She was more interested in arts and culture and was a kind, generous person. Then, an on-line journalist states that he cannot find any evidence with Connecticut authorities that Nancy Lanza had any gun registrations at all.

Concerning the weapons, we were told that the long gun (the Bushmaster semi-automatic .223 caliber) was recovered from the truck of Adam Lanza's car many hours later and never made it into the school. But then the coroner stated that all the shots that took down the victims were fired from the long gun. (Say, what?) Then there was the part about the two or more men in camo running away from police into the woods. News helicopters from local TV stations caught the footage. The shadows of these men were seen on the parking lot by a surviving teacher while she was still in the building. Do innocent people run away when confronted by police? Yet, the mainstream media suddenly dropped the issue like a hot potato and we haven't heard a peep from them about it since the day of the massacre.

Combine all this confusion with the odd behavior of the state coroner at his news conference, the stone cold silence of Lt. Vance at his press conference when asked about Nancy Lanza's relationship to the school, and the puzzling public behavior of "laughing dad" Robbie Parker and one or two other parents and survivors, the implication to me is that even greater forces of evil may have had a hand in this. Was all of these factors caused by Adam Lanza allegedly blowing his stack while perhaps under the influence of a psychotropic drug?

At the two week mark, it is time to manage our grief, shock, and horror, and bring the critical thinking portion of our brains back on line concerning this tragedy. Detectives don't solve crimes by believing everything the mainstream media and the "official" story tell them. A good place to start is with the links below, which appear to be from credible sources that do their research.

I visited Newtown, CT on December 26th and took pictures of the memorials in the village of Sandy Hook and at the Newtown Town Hall. They have been added to the Minimum Wage Media Facebook page and you may view them here.

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"Political democracy without economic democracy is a system destined to fail."
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