Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Liberty & Justice 87.9 off the air due to hard drive failure

Liberty & Justice 87.9 has been off the air for nearly a week due to a damaged hard drive. The trouble shooting and replacement process has been far more troublesome and time consuming than it should have been, thanks to the egos and proprietary obsessions of certain computer manufacturers during the late XP and Vista eras. The Emachines computer that manages L&J 87.9's air product "came" my way as a nearly new unit. It wasn't my purchasing choice. In less than three years, it has blown both a motherboard and a hard drive.

After experiences with three of their products, and reading tales of woe from others, I'm convinced the Emachines line exists solely as a dumping ground for substandard parts from otherwise quality vendors such as Seagate and Intel. My advice if you own one: don't replace the failed part with an Emachines OEM. Find a similar replacement directly from the part manufacturer. Anyway, since I can't use the recovery discs I have decided upon an expensive upgrade to Windows 8. Either way, I would have to rebuild all the software from scratch. The station may be back on this weekend. If not,
it will be early next week.

The timing of this development couldn't have been worse. Between this and other pressing matters, no work on the proposal mentioned below has been done in nine days. It is extremely frustrating!!

Also, due to the disappearance of title streaming several months ago, I have added an additional stream (at least for now) for Troubadour 1700 that restores the feature. The new stream URL is as follows:

Both the new stream and the older one are now encoding in AAC+ and the quality is superb.

Sunday, September 8, 2013



This is the "goal of goals" and I am determined to make it happen one way or
another, either through outright purchase of the facilities, an "LMA to
ownership" arrangement, or by challenging the FCC license renewals of
two local stations. (All Massachusetts radio stations have their FCC
licenses up for renewal in April 2014.) It all depends upon the level
of support we achieve, which of course, depends upon how effectively we
publicize the effort far and wide among our target demographics and
among entrepreneurial professionals.

Are you tired of local radio station ownerships dominated by fundamentalist Christians,
neo-conservatives, and those of the lowest common denominator of
American mainstream "thought"? Would you like to finally have a local
radio management that is anti-war, anti-corporate, pro-economic
justice, pro-natural, organic, and local food, pro-vegan, pro-health
freedom, anti-GMO, and pro-small business entrepreuerialism,
craftsmanship, and the arts? Then you need to support this effort.

If you would like to see the return of folk music to the local radio dial
(in the spirit of WSLE and WADN), along with new age music, world
music, and Americana (and possibly on weekends, 1960's and 70's oldies
and forgotten FM tracks, 1980's country, Brazilian roots music, and other
forms of GENUINE music), then you need to get behind this effort
and spread the word.

Our crowd funding effort on Indiegogo.com will be announced here when it is ready.
Currently, I am bolstering my professional and social networking in anticipation of it.
Stay tuned!

The continuous hack attacks against LibertyandJustice1640.com have been dealt with

As we approach the two day mark of LibertyandJustice1640.com being hack
free and no longer blacklisted by Google, I think it is safe to say
that we are largely out of the woods. I certainly hope it stays that
way. I had to hire professionals at some expense to clean up the
damage, plug the holes, and watch the site around the clock for the
next twelve months. There is also evidence to indicate the attacks have
been going on for years. This is the only site I own that has had to
endure such persistent hacking, which of course, makes me suspicious.
I want to welcome back everyone who could not access
LibertyandJustice1640.com over the past month. I assure you I had
no intention to infect your computers with malware!