Monday, December 22, 2014

Special programming on 95.1 The Voice of the Resistance through Christmas week

It was the most censored video on YouTube from mid November to mid December 2014. Lenny Pozner, alleged father of Noah Pozner, filed a groundless copyright infringement complaint in an attempt to keep the public from seeing it. But they couldn't suppress it forever. And now we have it here. 95.1 FM has been reactivated to air "Let's Talk About Sandy Hook," the documentary soundtrack in its entirety, playing repeatedly though at least Sunday, December 28th. A live stream of the broadcast is also available. Regardless of your views on gun legislation, childhood mental health screening, psychotropic drugs, or the pharmaceutical giants that push them, give it a listen and decide for yourself where the truth lies.

Troubadour 1700 AM and 97.9 FM will begin airing continuous folk and instrumental Christmas music beginning Wednesday morning the 24th.We wish you a peaceful, rewarding holiday season and we look forward to 2015 where my goal will be to bring our micro transmitters to downtown areas in North Central Massachusetts, the Nashoba Valley, and possibly Metro West. Stay tuned.