Saturday, June 29, 2013

Frequency Change for Liberty & Justice 87.5

As of early this morning, Liberty & Justice 87.5 changed frequency to 87.9 FM. The hip hop pirate in Nashua that had been operating at 87.9 has not been on the air all year, and it's becoming evident that most OEM car radios of the past ten years can't tune 87.5. I still plan to reintegrate the two version of L&J, abandoning any old channel 6 band frequency, if I can ever find the time. Between all the technical problems I'm encountering (such as the loss of the right channel at 95.1 with a transmitter that's only a month old), the constant extreme weather, and working an unrelated slave job seven days a week, I'm exhausted! I've got a stack of over 20 new CD's to add to the Troubadour playlist and the process is taking forever. Everything is so stale, but we're going to have to live with it a bit longer. Computers don't save work. They create the illusion you can do a project that took ten people to do 30 years ago. It's a lie.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Audio Streams have been restored
Troubadour 1700/97.9 -
Liberty & Justice 87.5 -
Liberty & Justice 1640/95.1 -
The new server is in Orlando, FL. The old one was in Portsmouth, NH.

The listen by phone service from Zeno Radio has been updated and is now functioning. The number for Troubadour 1700 is 786-265-1649. The number for Liberty & Justice Radio is 786-265-1650. For L&J only, when prompted, press 1 to hear the Thom Edition, press 2 to hear the Alex Edition.

The ability to listen at should be restored in the next day or two for all three streams.

Unfortunately, for some reason, this new server is not streaming song and program titles in Winamp. Different servers mean different software and different settings. It's typical. I'll try to see if the feature can be enabled. If not, I am also working at getting song title (and possibly artwork) streaming for Troubadour (at least) through its page at Tune In.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Audio Streams have been down for weeks. We hope for restoration sometime between June 11th and 15th.

6/11/13  Due to some difficulties with a now-former provider, the host of our audio streams has been busy trying to regroup and save his business. As soon as he is able, we will work to get the streams back on line with a new URL that is already in place. Thanks for your patience.

Also, I am pleased to announce that the micro FM signals at 97.9 and 95.1 were restored to their original coverages a couple of weeks ago thanks to new transmitters. Tweaking of the antenna for 97.9 is a project that has been on my "to-do" list since the frequency change last fall. A further (very) slight improvement in coverage should occur once it is completed. If you would like to donate to our transmitter fund, you may do so here.

As for plans for the stations, I have decided for a number of reasons that the two editions of Liberty & Justice should once again be combined to a single service, with one AM and one FM frequency, billed as "The Mulpus Brook Talk Alternative." First and foremost is my increasing lack of time, combined with the demise of Oracle Broadcasting, leaving one less service to choose from when filling two schedules. The reworked station will offer the best of the best and emphasizes the issues of agreement among progressives, democratic socialists, non-violent anarchists, and populist libertarians, especially concerning economic justice, health freedom, and official transparency... and of course, it will be totally anti-corporate! The 87.5 frequency will likely be dropped. Just when the FM dial should be expanding downward from 88.1, more and more manufacturers are starting their FM dials at 87.9, especially with OEM equipment in cars. So fewer receivers are able to tune the frequency. The signal at 95.1, however, should be slightly enhanced because my plans call for greatly reducing the length of its transmission line. Now... to find the time to do all the work this recombining project involves!

By the way, 102.9 is also back on the air broadcasting local NOAA weather most of the time, but also available for special events at any time (such as the anti-Monsanto protests that occured on Memorial Day weekend).