Friday, June 14, 2013

The Audio Streams have been restored
Troubadour 1700/97.9 -
Liberty & Justice 87.5 -
Liberty & Justice 1640/95.1 -
The new server is in Orlando, FL. The old one was in Portsmouth, NH.

The listen by phone service from Zeno Radio has been updated and is now functioning. The number for Troubadour 1700 is 786-265-1649. The number for Liberty & Justice Radio is 786-265-1650. For L&J only, when prompted, press 1 to hear the Thom Edition, press 2 to hear the Alex Edition.

The ability to listen at should be restored in the next day or two for all three streams.

Unfortunately, for some reason, this new server is not streaming song and program titles in Winamp. Different servers mean different software and different settings. It's typical. I'll try to see if the feature can be enabled. If not, I am also working at getting song title (and possibly artwork) streaming for Troubadour (at least) through its page at Tune In.  

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