Saturday, June 29, 2013

Frequency Change for Liberty & Justice 87.5

As of early this morning, Liberty & Justice 87.5 changed frequency to 87.9 FM. The hip hop pirate in Nashua that had been operating at 87.9 has not been on the air all year, and it's becoming evident that most OEM car radios of the past ten years can't tune 87.5. I still plan to reintegrate the two version of L&J, abandoning any old channel 6 band frequency, if I can ever find the time. Between all the technical problems I'm encountering (such as the loss of the right channel at 95.1 with a transmitter that's only a month old), the constant extreme weather, and working an unrelated slave job seven days a week, I'm exhausted! I've got a stack of over 20 new CD's to add to the Troubadour playlist and the process is taking forever. Everything is so stale, but we're going to have to live with it a bit longer. Computers don't save work. They create the illusion you can do a project that took ten people to do 30 years ago. It's a lie.

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