Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Liberty & Justice 87.9 off the air due to hard drive failure

Liberty & Justice 87.9 has been off the air for nearly a week due to a damaged hard drive. The trouble shooting and replacement process has been far more troublesome and time consuming than it should have been, thanks to the egos and proprietary obsessions of certain computer manufacturers during the late XP and Vista eras. The Emachines computer that manages L&J 87.9's air product "came" my way as a nearly new unit. It wasn't my purchasing choice. In less than three years, it has blown both a motherboard and a hard drive.

After experiences with three of their products, and reading tales of woe from others, I'm convinced the Emachines line exists solely as a dumping ground for substandard parts from otherwise quality vendors such as Seagate and Intel. My advice if you own one: don't replace the failed part with an Emachines OEM. Find a similar replacement directly from the part manufacturer. Anyway, since I can't use the recovery discs I have decided upon an expensive upgrade to Windows 8. Either way, I would have to rebuild all the software from scratch. The station may be back on this weekend. If not,
it will be early next week.

The timing of this development couldn't have been worse. Between this and other pressing matters, no work on the proposal mentioned below has been done in nine days. It is extremely frustrating!!

Also, due to the disappearance of title streaming several months ago, I have added an additional stream (at least for now) for Troubadour 1700 that restores the feature. The new stream URL is as follows:

Both the new stream and the older one are now encoding in AAC+ and the quality is superb.

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