Monday, June 2, 2014

The "Thom" and "Alex" editions of Liberty & Justice Radio have re-combined into a single station and stream

This is another project that had been proposed for months but is now under way. Several developments over the past year have made this move more and more practical. Most recently, Ed Schultz has abandon his radio show and Randi Rhodes's departure from Priemer Networks may lead to her retirement. That's two fewer options in the commercial "progressive" talk realm. Earlier, the demise of Oracle Broadcasting and American Freedom Radio in the "alternative" talk realm made far fewer options available there. I found barely enough room in a 24/7 schedule to fit the rest... and we have greatly increased our Pacifica offerings in recent months to fill the gaps... but what is left, I feel, is largely the best of the best. Check our program schedule to find when your favorite shows are now airing.

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