Saturday, June 6, 2015

Super Town Meeting, Monday June 8th

Super Town Meeting on Monday, June 8th in Shirley, Ayer, Harvard and Devens to decide four proposed zoning changes in Devens.

6/6/15  Minimum Wage Media endorses the following votes:

Vote YES for proposed change to Shirley Village Growth District.
Vote YES for proposed healthcare use for Shirley Village Growth District.
Vote YES to protect Rogers Field, restore Willow Brook, and allow expansion of Adams Circle Zero-Net-Energy neighborhood.
Vote NO to prevent more biotech firms, defense contractors and other alledged "businesses" from occupying the south end of Grant Road.

We need to enable more poor people, working class people, and middle class people to own businesses in Devens, not give more land to psychopaths! Here are my comments on Courbanize, a site MassDevelopement is using to promote the changes:

All good except...

The last thing we need is more biotech, pharmaceutical, and private military contractors locating in Devens. In my opinion, these corporations are either destroying our planet, destroying our physical and mental health, engaging in mass deception, or profiting from war. Instead, we should be helping our own struggling local poor and middle class establish small businesses in Devens. We should set aside the residential area of Grant Road as an "artist colony" type of intentional community. It should feature dirt cheap affordable housing and be populated by creative people (artists, musicians, peaceful inventors, writers, investigative journalists, media creators, antique restorers, etc.) who, more than anything, want to practice their craft and want "out" of the rat race and the spiraling cost of living. Only a community such as this can begin to undo the horrible legacy of Deven's destructive military past.

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